Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edvantage?

Edvantage offers great rewards and discounts to education employees and their families through partnerships with retailers and businesses throughout Ontario. OTIP administers Edvantage on behalf of your teachers' association. Through continued support from our partners, Edvantage is able to offer great discounts, special offers and contests to you, our valued members.

What is my Edvantage card?

Your card serves a dual purpose as your association card and your Edvantage membership card. Partners require your Edvantage number (X digit number located on your card) as well as the name of your association, in order to administer the discount.

How do I find out my Edvantage number? If you do not have your card showing your Edvantage number, please contact your association to confirm your number and have a new card issued to you, if required. 

Do I need to have my Edvantage card or Edvantage number to access a deal?

Any Edvantage partner can ask you to produce your Edvantage card (your union card) or to provide your Edvantage number (found on your Edvantage/union card) at the time of purchase to be eligible for an Edvantage offer. Although this may not always be the case, if you are unable to provide proof of Edvantage membership, either by your card or by your number when asked, the price may be adjusted and the Edvantage offer may not apply.

What do I do if I’m having trouble logging in?

If you are encountering difficulties logging in, we recommend you try clearing your cache and refreshing your page. To clear your cache, press Ctrl+F5 (PC) or Command+Option+E (Mac).

How do I replace my lost card?

To replace a lost membership card please contact your association. They will send you your new membership card.

Don't know who to contact? Call Edvantage Customer service at 1-866-750-6847 and they will be pleased to provide you with the information you need.

Who should I contact with a compliment, complaint, problem or suggestion?

Email us at and we will do our best to respond within one business day.

Call Customer Service to speak with one of our Edvantage customer service representatives at 1-866-750-6847.

How do I access my Edvantage discount?

You must log in with your Edvantage member information to access the deals from each partner. Look for the “How to take Edvantage” section on the partner page for information on how to access the deals. You can also contact each partner directly with questions about their products, services or discounts.

How do I find information on the Edvantage website?

The home page of the Edvantage website is a great place to begin shopping. Here you will find the newest featured deals and news from Edvantage, as well as the partner deal categories such as Travel & Entertainment, and Home & Electronics.

How do I find out what's new to Edvantage?

Subscribe to our e-communications for all the newest specials, contests and offers.

Does Edvantage have an app?  

Edvantage does not have a mobile app available in Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store or from any other source. Any app that is currently available for download under the name "Edvantage" is not affiliated with our Edvantage program or with OTIP, and, is an infringement on and a violation against OTIP’s intellectual property in both name and design. Extreme caution is urged. OTIP recommends refraining from viewing and downloading the app from any source.  

What are cookies?

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