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Digital pink slips: What you need to know

Pink slips – they’re easy to lose, annoying to replace, and mandatory for drivers in Canada.

Now there are more options for drivers in Ontario. The Government of Ontario recently approved the use of electronic proof of insurance, meaning drivers can now carry their pink slips in a digital format on their smartphone. Here is what you need to know as proof of insurance moves into the digital age.

The essentials

Drivers in Ontario now have the option to show digital proof of insurance when required to present it. This means that during a traffic stop, you can use your phone to provide proof of insurance to a police officer, instead of rummaging around your glove box for a pink slip. There are some restrictions, however, drivers cannot simply take a picture of their existing pink slip. The proof must be an official digital copy, provided by an insurance broker or carrier. Paper pink slips are not being eliminated, this change simply allows greater flexibility for drivers to remain compliant with the law. For more information about electronic proof of insurance in Ontario, check out the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario’s (FSRA) FAQ.

Download the OTIP Home and Auto app today 

OTIP has made it easy to have your insurance policy and digital pink slip at your fingertips. With the OTIP Home and Auto app, you can remain fully compliant with provincial laws by providing your proof of insurance on your smartphone.

Please note that not all insurance providers have the ability to provide digital pink slips at this time.  Please check with your OTIP broker to confirm if this is an option available to you.

The OTIP Home and Auto app also provides you with all your policy information, including your deductibles and coverages. You can even collect and submit claims information, ensuring your claims are resolved as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

To keep in mind 

Although having your insurance on your phone is convenient, it is still your responsibility to ensure that you can produce legal documentation. For example, if your smartphone battery dies, you will lose access to your proof of insurance. Privacy is also an important consideration. When showing your proof of insurance, locking your screen is an important way to ensure that other personal data on your phone can not be viewed by someone else.

Don’t be caught without your pink slip! Download the OTIP Home and Auto app from Google Play or the Apple Store and enjoy the ease of digital insurance.

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